Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Beginnings

I have always been excited about new beginnings. It is the positive anticipation of starting something new, exploring the unknown, taking the first step of a journey that energizes me. This feeling of exhilaration is probably why I spent my professional life as an entrepreneur and my personal life as an avid traveler. Experiencing something or someplace I have not explored before puts me in the immediate moment and opens me up to learning about myself, about the world. For me, the writing of this Blog is such a moment.
I have often dreamt…..well not exactly in Blog form…of writing a book, a reflection of my incredible life experiences, a synthesis of years of learning, a road map of my adventures. Now that I have actually taken the first step to share “The Secrets of Life”…I wonder…will anyone be interested in what I have to say? More importantly, will readers learn anything important from my words? I hope so and I hope to provide some insights that you can apply to all aspects of life.
Why embark on this journey now? For me, the timing is perfect. At this very moment I am starting out on yet another new beginning….It is late afternoon, in mid January 2011, I am perched in a lovely villa on St. Barth’s overlooking the intense colors of the Caribbean sea…feeling the warm delicious gentle breezes… The moment feels so wonderfully perfect. It is truly a new beginning… The beginning of my 60th year of being. It is almost impossible for my mind to comprehend that I am turning 60!
My 60 years have been filled with love, rich in learning, and loaded with adventure. I have great health, a dedicated group of friends, teammates, and business family that span the world… constantly enriching my life with their support, love and knowledge. And the most important blessing of all, the best thing that ever happened to me…A 35 year marriage to my beloved Susan.
I have been so lucky and blessed that for many years my Mom nicknamed me “Mr. Lucky”. My personal reflection of life inspired me to describe my journey in crystal clear terms… “I want to be ME when I grow up”.
I am not saying that life is or has ever been perfect. Life is not perfect; in fact it isn’t always that great. I have had many stressful, low energy, disappointing periods in my life. I am not a master of life. I have a tendency to fall out of the sought after “Zone” for long periods of time (much more discussion about the Zone in future Blogs) but I have always been able to find my way back home. And I guess that road map home is why the “Secrets of Life” are so valuable. Many of the “Secrets” we will discuss are pure common sense, while others will bring new perspective and insight to life’s journey. One thing is certain… actively practicing these “Secrets” with focus and prioritization will build personal power. You will find yourself gaining control over your life, envisioning and creating your future, even experiencing epiphanies!
And who knows, maybe you too will be saying “I want to be me when I grow up”.
The next entry will be written in the desert of Morocco...photos too. It will be titled “The power of stopping”. I am looking forward to your comments and friendship.


  1. Just when I needed it, I now have my weekly "Glennisms" to carry me through those "funks" that land in front of me some days:)

  2. The "funks" are the worst. I've been in one for a long, long time and it's refreshing to hear you admit you have them. I'm not trying to be a downer because I have my happy moments...but I'm working on finding that sweet spot in life where the funks don't keep me down...but spur on to getting back up and enjoying all that I have.

    Nice blog, Glenn. I'll be reading...

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